Exciting Insights from Our March Lunch & Learn Event with Enneagram Specialist Milton Stewart!

This March, the Hospitality Hub had the pleasure of diving deep into the world of Enneagram, thanks to the expertise of Milton Stewart, the renowned Enneagram specialist for Memphis. Our staff embarked on an enlightening journey, exploring the transformative power of Enneagram within our organizational culture and personal development. Milton’s session was nothing short of powerful, providing us with invaluable insights on improving workplace dynamics, enhancing personal growth, and fostering a more cohesive team environment. His passion for the Enneagram and its impact on changing lives and organizations resonated deeply with us. We’re incredibly grateful for the energy, knowledge, and transformative perspectives Milton brought to our team.The Enneagram’s application extends far beyond personal understanding; it’s a tool for enhancing productivity, avoiding personality clashes, and ensuring our actions benefit not just ourselves but everyone we serve. This session was a step towards embracing continuous improvement and fostering deeper connections with both our colleagues and the communities we support.

As we strive to be more cohesive and work together more naturally, we’re excited to implement the insights gained from this training. It’s been one of the most valuable learning experiences, setting us on a path to greater unity and effectiveness in fulfilling our mission.A huge thank you to Milton Stewart for leading us in this enriching experience. For those interested in learning more about the Enneagram and how it can transform your organization or personal life, visit KaizenCareers.com and check out Milton’s podcast, “Do It for the Gram,” for practical Enneagram advice.Together, we’re on a journey to not only improve the way we work but also the way we connect with every individual we serve. Here’s to transforming our organization and cultivating a culture of understanding and growth!